The Way of the SEAL eCourse

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Think like an elite warrior to lead and succeed. 

The Way of the SEAL eCourse

In The Way of the SEAL eCourse, Mark outlines exercises, meditations and focusing techniques to train your mind for mental toughness, greater intuition and inner strength. You’ll learn to approach your goals in life like a SEAL approaches his or her targets—with the utmost precision and never-fail determination. The Way of the SEAL eCourse will act as a practical guide for business people, athletes or anyone who wants to be an elite operator in his or her life, helping you tap into 20x your current perceived ability.

This eCourse gives you the special opportunity to have a one-on-one experience with Navy SEAL, Mark Divine. In this course you will not only receive practical tools such as workbooks and exercises sent directly to your phone, you will see a sneak peak into the life of Mark Divine with personal stories and accounts that apply directly to the business world.


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Mark Divine

Mark Divine is from upstate New York with a degree in economics from Colgate University and an MBA in Finance from New York University Stern School of Business. Mark’s first career was with Coopers & Lybrand (now PriceWaterhouse Coopers) as a Certified Public Accountant. Clients included luminous financial firms such as Solomon Brothers and Paine Weber.

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